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About our pilots

Richmor Aviation attracts and retains the most experienced and respected jet charter pilots in the aviation industry. Some have been with us since 1970. Our pilots undergo bi-annual Flight Safety training that exceeds FAA requirements. Because Richmor Aviation owns and operates a fleet of corporate luxury jets, we have complete control over pilot and jet assignments and take full responsibility to insure your jet, pilot and ground to air, air to ground services are coordinated without fail.

Richmor pilot responsibilities

Before each charter, our pilots carefully plan each flight and thoroughly inspect the aircraft to insure that the engines, controls, instruments, and other systems are functioning properly. Because Richmor Aviation provides exceptional jet maintenance and FBO services on all charter jets and turboprops, there is a high level of confidence on the part of our pilots that everything will be as it should be.

The flight crew will consist of two pilots. Prior to departure, they ensure that luggage and/or cargo has been loaded correctly on the aircraft. Before departure, they communicate with flight schedulers and aviation weather forecasters about conditions they might encounter. The pilots then identify the flight path, cruising altitude, and jet speed to provide the safest, most economical and smoothest flight.

Exceptional ground-to-air-to-ground charter service

Our Charter Concierge is available to arrange pre-charter, in-flight and/or air to ground services upon arrival such as car or limousine service, catering, accommodations and other services for your private or corporate charter flight to be as smooth as possible.

Richmor charter team approach

Private jet charter pilots selected for employment by Richmor Aviation emulate our high standards for excellence, service and professionalism. We are proud to create a team environment with our pilots and maintenance crews, promoting communication that
engenders the highest levels of service.

Want to become part of the most respected private corporate jet pilot teams in the industry?

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