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Jet fleet acquisition, sales and consulting

Richmor Aviation’s expert aircraft buyers are available to Jet fleet acquisition, sales and consultingassist you in finding the jet most suitable to your needs, taking into consideration:

• How long the jet has flown
• Domestic and/or international flight requirements
• Private use and/or part-time charter use
• Passenger jet seating requirements
• Pilot cockpit preferences
• Condition and relevance of avionics to aviation standards
• Aircraft maintenance records
• Flight records
• Jet amenities
• Cost of ownership

Request a jet inspection consultation by calling
(800) 331-6101 for immediate service.

Small aircraft or jet inspection

Whether we are assisting you in the purchase of a new, remodeled or previously owned jet plane, our team will thoroughly inspect the aircraft to insure that the engines, controls, instruments, and other systems are functioning properly and make recommendations based on findings.

Request a jet inspection consultation by calling
(800) 331-6101 for immediate service.

Getting the best price when selling your private jet

Whether you are upgrading to a larger, newer personal or corporate jet, or looking to sell, Richmor will assist you in preparing your sale, marketing the jet and negotiating the best possible price.

If you’ve taken advantage of Richmor Aviation’s exceptional jet maintenance and FBO services for your charter or corporate jet, you will have a high level of confidence that everything will be as it should be. However, if you have stored or serviced your private corporate jet elsewhere, our expert team will assess the flight and maintenance records to assess the value and identify any necessary repair or avionics retrofitting required to prepare your jet for sale at the best possible price.

Request a jet sales consultation by calling
(800) 331-6101 for immediate service.

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