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Charter any of our several luxury jets

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Gulfstream IV SP
Gulfstream III
Falcon 20
Beechjet 400A
Phenom 300
King Air 200
King Air C90A

13 passenger jet
12 passenger jet
8 to 9 passenger jet
8 passenger jet
6 passenger light jet
8 passenger turboprop
6 passenger turboprop

Additional jets and turboprops available upon request and availability.

Why charter a jet from Richmor Aviation?

Flight schedule
Private jet charters allow you to travel on your own schedule
as opposed to commercial flights where you stand in line for ticketing, security and to board.

Travel time
If you are traveling for a special event, vacation or emergency,
do you really want to spend that time getting to the airport, traveling on airline schedules and being subject to mechanical delays? Richmor Aviation offers “100% Up Time” – we ensure that nothing will keep you from arriving at your destination.

Personal attention
Our jet charters may include all the details surrounding your flight – ground-to-air, air-to ground services such as transportation, catering, hotel reservations, etc.

Each of our privately owned luxury jets is superbly maintained, equipped with technologies that meet and/or exceed all FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements. Richmor Aviation's professional jet pilots undergo Flight-Safety International training twice a year to bring you safely to your destination of choice.

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