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Photo of the Beechjet 400A Luxury Corporate Jet
Photo of interior of the Beechjet 400A Luxury Corporate Jet
Photo of interior of the Beechjet 400A Luxury Corporate Jet

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Beechjet 400A Luxury Passenger Jet

Jet specifications, amenities & charter rates:

Aircraft Type:
Aircraft Year:
Home Base:
Maximum Passengers:
Domestic Flight Capability:
International Flight Capability:

Pilot Crew:
Flight Attendant:
Runway Minimum:

Jet Charter Hourly Rate:
Beechjet 400A Passenger Jet
2005 inside/outside
KALB, Albany, NY
430 Kts
1100 Miles
3 hours
Yes 1100 miles: North America: US, Canada, Mexico
4500 feet

$2,450.00 per hour

Please note that this jet charter rate is subject to change without prior notice. Fuel surcharge may apply. Specific trip charges will vary with your charter itinerary and schedule.

The Beechjet 400A is one of the most popular light business jets on the market today. With the capability of cruising at 41,000 it has a quiet spacious cabin and good fuel economy. It includes State of the art avionics, airshow, DVD player, and cabin power outlets. The quiet cabin and fuel efficiency of this aircraft make this an affordable luxury private jet that is ideal for all your Domestic US, Canadian and Caribbean destinations.

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